Application Tips

QC ColorTech-E

Good basic concrete placement procedures are vital to the success of any job where integrally colored concrete is being used. It will be useful to keep the following tips in mind:


  • Place concrete on damp, yet well-drained, substrate which has been thoroughly compacted.

  • Tamp and/or vibrate concrete (be careful not to overwork material), screed, then wood float to finished grade.

  • Provide adequate and uniform texture for appearance and slip resistance.

  • Finish edges first and finish all surfaces within the same approximate time frame.
  • Do not place concrete over mud, free standing water, ice or frost.

  • Do not add water to partially discharged loads and do not allow slump to vary from batch to batch. Maintain a four to five inch (10.2 to 12.7 cm) slump.

  • Lack of proper curing is the number one reason for inconsistent concrete color. Whenever possible, use QC Color Cure. QC Color Cure is a cure and seal product conforming to ASTM C309. A finish coat of QC Color Cure may be used if desired. Apply per QC Color Cure Product Information bulletin. Use of QC Clear Cure may also be considered.

  • In the event a curing compound cannot be used, the use of a non-wrinkled, non-membraned curing paper may be considered. Use according to manufacturer's instructions.