Application Tips

QC Patina Stain

The tips below can help you make your projects using QC Patina Stain be their very best.

  • QC Patina Stains are applied over concrete that has attained a full 28-day cure. Stains may be applied over concrete with less curing time, but unpredictable results may occur.

  • Concrete that is to be stained should be cured using water or high quality curing paper.

  • The substrate must be bare, free of all debris and contain no material that would act as a resist to the stain.

  • Test the surface to be stained for the presence of sealers, curing compounds or release agents.
  • Do not use curing compounds or plastic sheeting.

  • Stains should always be applied in two or more applications. Do not rinse stains between coats.