Frequently Asked Questions

Renew by QC

  1. How much preparation is required before applying RENEW BY QC Stains?
  2. What are the coverage rates for RENEW BY QC product kits?
  3. What is the wait time for application of RENEW BY QC products after pressure washing?
  4. Will RENEW BY QC hide old blemishes/spots/stains on my concrete?
  5. Will RENEW BY QC hide repaired areas?
  6. I just applied RENEW BY QC and the customer wants a different color, can the product be re-applied?
  7. Do RENEW BY QC surfaces need to be sealed?
  8. Can RENEW BY QC surfaces be sealed?
  9. What does the temperature need to be for applications of RENEW BY QC products?
  10. Why is it necessary to re-broom the RENEW BY QC SOLID COLOR STAIN while it dries?
  12. How long will RENEW BY QC SOLID COLOR STAIN last?
  13. How do I remove the stain from unwanted areas or surfaces?
  14. How can the color of RENEW BY QC TRANSLUCENT STAIN be intensified?
  15. What application methods can I use for the RENEW BY QC TRANSLUCENT STAIN?
  16. Can more than one coat of RENEW by QC TRANSLUCENT STAIN be applied?
  17. What supplies are needed to mix and apply RENEW BY QC products?
  18. What is the wait time before I can walk or drive on RENEW BY QC after product has dried?
  19. What is the warranty on RENEW BY QC products?
  20. How many colors does RENEW BY QC offer?